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When on your private city tour of St. Petersburg, make sure you find time to take a look at the museum of the contemporary art in St. Petersburg. The Museum of contemporary art “Erarta” presents the exhibition "Lamborghini: design legend" with powerful and posh supercars on display.

For the first time in Russia a museum will show a rare Lamborghini automobile collection. The supercars worth millions of euros will be a great illustration to the story of the famous Italian brand. Don’t miss them during your custom-made city tour St Petersburg.

Lamborghini design may rightly be considered an outstanding legacy of Italian contemporary art. Cars, along with the recognized examples of painting and sculpture, are now appreciated in monetary terms and in terms of contribution to the world culture.citytourstpetersburg

"Lamborghini Design Legend" showcases 5 cars and 6 style models: from the aristocratic 400GT with a 1965 body by Touring Superleggera, to the revolutionary 1966 Miura, the first masterpiece by Gandini with Carrozzeria Bertone, and finally Lamborghini design of today with the one-off Centenario created by Centro Stile Lamborghini in 2016.

Ausflüge in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg ist eine wunderschöne Stadt, die von Peter I gegründet wurde. An der Entstehung der nördlichen Hauptstadt arbeiteten viele begabte Architekten aus der ganzen Welt. Während der von mir geführten Touren werden Sie die berühmtesten Sehenswürdigkeiten und Attraktionen kennenlernen und dabei viel über die Geschichte der Gründung und Entwicklung von St. Petersburg über drei Jahrhunderte lernen - von der Gründung der Festung auf der Haaren Insel bis zum heutigen Tag. Sie werden Landschaftskunst sehen, zu Fuß entlang der prächtigen und weltbekannten architektonischen Ensembles spazieren und mit den Geheimnisse, Legenden und Geschichten der Stadt vertraut gemacht. Sie werden Meisterwerke der Bildhauerei, Architektur und Landschaftsarchitektur sehen.

Maslenitsa. Russian traditions

Russian Pancake Week, Russian Traditions

"Maslenitsa" is the Russian name of this holiday. It is usually celebrated during the last week before the Great Lent. Is is clearly one of the merriest feasts in Russia. Originally it was a pagan rite to celebrate the end of winter.

According to an old custom it is necessary to please Maslenitsa by all means. One of the best ways is to make and eat pancakes symbolyzing the sun. In old times, during the Pancake Week people would enatertain themselves by going tobogganing and skating, arranging snow-ball fights, storming snow fotresses.

Maslenitsa has always been a young people's holiday. Therefore, it's associated with youth and cheerfulness and marks the beginning of spring.

Nowadays the celebrations of Maslenitsa are accompanied by concerts, different contests, traditional games and ends with the symbolic ritual of burning the

stuffed figure of winter. 

While on the Hermitage tour don't miss the opportunity to see the Pancake Woman by Rembrandt

Surikov "The Taking of a Snow Fortress"




Current exhibitions in the Hermitage museum

Discover remarkable French paintings of the 19th-20th centuries which nobody has ever seen before on your Hermitage museum tour. They come from German private collections and only few people managed to see them exhibited. During the World War II they were hidden and then taken to the Soviet Union. In 1950 most of them were transferred back to Germany. Today the Hermitage puts on display only some of the items taken from closed Soviet deposits. For a very long time the exhibiting of these paintings was forbidden.


The regime of the country changed and with the help of The Ministry of Culture of Russia the Hermitage has an opportunity to showcase them. Though the fate of these masterpieces is not decided yet... Dozens of works by such great masters as Monet, Degas, Pissarro, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse, and others were out of sight during the time when impressionism and post-impressionism were of great interest.

The Hermitage versus the Louvre

Christmas tree on the Palace SquareThe Hermitage has more fans in social networks than the Louvre

Tours in Saint-Petersburg, December 2012. The Hermitage museum is more popular than the French

Louvre in social networks, stated the head of the Hermitage Museum in Saint-Petersburg Mikhail


According to the director of the museum Piotrovsky, the number of registered users in social

networks is one of the defining criteria of popularity in the society. "Three days ago we had more

visitors than the Louvre, it's very nice," said Piotrovsky.