St Isaac's Cathedral

St. Isaac's Cathedral
Russian Orthodox Church told what would happen to St. Isaac's Cathedral after its transfer to the Church authorities. 
  • St. PETERSBURG, January 12. After St. Isaac's Cathedral will be given over to the Russian Orthodox Church in its gratuitous use, the entrance fee will be canceled but its museum activities will expand, said the Chairman of the Synodal Department responsible for the relationship between the Church and the media of the Moscow Patriarchate, Vladimir Legoyda.
St Isaacs cathedral
  • On Tuesday it became known that Isaac's Cathedral will be given to the Russian Orthodox Church in free use, while the building will continue its museum and educational functions. "Museum activities will not only be continued but expanded," — said Legoyda adding that the entrance to the cathedral will be free of charge. 
  • According to him, the Church is in a constructive dialogue with the Ministry of culture which believs that St. Isaac's Cathedral should be more accessible.
  • "Any reason to believe that the Church won't be able to handle it? Examples to the contrary, the Church is interested in the conservation of the historical monuments", — said the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church. 
The history of the construction of the symbol of St. Petersburg, St. Isaac's Cathedral, was long and painful. It lasted for 40 years! 

Holidays in St Petersburg

Holidays in St Petersburg 
The New Year's light show at the Palace square 0+
27-30 Dec 18:00
free entrance 
Palace square
Holidays in St Petersburg
While on Christmas holidays in St Petersburg where to go? The Magic show with lighting effects at the Palace square will be dedicated to the Year of the Russian cinema this ptime. Free performances and shows will give a sense of celebration to the New Year's week.
The closer the main holiday of the year the more unfinished things pile up before the promised date. What Christmas mood is to expect in such turmoil... The visual show at the Palace square will wake the Christmas mood even in the busiest people.
The main theme of the light show will be cinema and the key figure will be the monument to the bronze horseman which will come to life on the facade of the General Staff building as if by magic. Along with the Bronze Horseman the viewers will see the United Kingdom from the times of Sherlock Holmes and they will find themselves in the scenery of the "Striped trip" and other Soviet and Russian films.
The most fascinating part of the presentation will be the animated tales that can move to tears. Christmas music in modern processing will also leave a favorable impression during your holidays in St Petersburg.
The performance will be shown every evening from 27 to 30 December, from 18:00 to 23:00 every 40 minutes. The final show on December 30 will conclude with colorful fireworks (beginning at 22:30).
Enjoy the fabulous show on any day for free!

New Year in St Petersburg

New Year in St Petersburg 
The arrival of Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug
24 Dec 18:00
Palace square
The New Year's celebration in St. Petersburg will begin on December 24 when the city on the Neva river will welcome a very important guest — Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug. Rabbits, snowmen and reindeers will tune the citizens to the New Year's wave.
New.Year in St Petersburg
If the foreigSanta Claus lives somewhere in the North Pole, the home of the Russian father Frost is considered to be the Northern city of Veliky Ustyug. On December, 24 a week before the main night of the year, Santa Claus will arrive in Saint Petersburg to give the official start of the Christmas holidays.
New Year in St Petersburg
The visit of the honorary guest in the city will be prepared thoroughly. Two days before the event special teaser-mobiles with snowmen, rabbits and deer will drive along the streets. They will create a festive mood and take pictures with people.
It will be possible to meet the main New Year's wizard on the Palace square in St Petersburg at about 18:00, Ded Moroz (Santa) has an important mission here — to open the main Christmas tree of the city.

Putin news

Putin news

Putin told when he's planning to retire.

  • The head of Russia Vladimir Putin shared his plans for the future on the final plenary session of the annual meeting of the International discussion club "Valdai".
  • The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the final plenary session of the annual meeting of the International discussion club "Valdai" revealed when he would retire. According to the head of state, it will happen when the time is right.
  • Currently, as Putin reminded, he's still running Russia.
  • "Since I haven't retired yet, and being a leader of the big empire, I should be restrained not to act too aggressively in my expressions. Actually, I don't think it's my style," said the President. 

Putin news

The final plenary session of the International discussion club "Valdai", founded in 2004 in Veliky Novgorod, is held in Sochi. There are more than 130 experts and political scientists from 35 countries. This year it is dedicated to the topic "Future starts today: the contours of tomorrow's world".

Find more about Mr. Putin and his native city St. Petersburg on your private city tour St Petersburg.

White Nights St Petersburg

White Nights St Petersburg

St. Petersburg has a lot of symbolic names. It is often called

  • "City of White Nights" - St Petersburg
  • Northern Palmyra - for its unique beauty
  • Northern capital, as for more than 200 years St Petersburg had been the official capital Russia
  • Venice of the North for the abundance of rivers and canals

White Nights St PetersburgDuring the White Nights St Petersburg is filled with romantic mood, citizens and guests forget about the everyday hustle and bustle and become dreamers. In the background of the famous White Nights St Petersburg ensembles, palaces, churches, bridges and monuments of the city not only struck you with their external beauty, but also create an unforgettable feeling of fabulousness and unreality, when all the wishes come true.

The White Nights is a very common natural phenomenon, which can be observed in a lot of cities around the world. In Russia there are white nights in Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut, Cherepovets, Vologda, Petrozavodsk, Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, Naryan-Mar, Murmansk, etc.. But only St. Petersburg has received the symbolic title of the "City of White Nights", thanks largely to the literature. It is enough to mention the poetry of Pushkin, Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel the "White Nights".

The beginning of the White Nights St. Petersburg falls on