Christmas in St Petersburg # tour guide in St Petersburg

Christmas in St Petersburg # tour guide in St Petersburg

By the beginning of December mostly all of the streets and squares of the Northern capital had been decorated.

In St. Petersburg the Christmas decorations are switched on. Make sure you don’t miss them. Ask for directions for the best photo stops from your local tour guide in St Petersburg. tour guide in St Petersburg

The workers of "Lensvet" had installed nearly seven thousand decorations during a four days time: luminous arches, garlands and fancy 3D designs. The most elegant, traditionally, is Nevsky prospect, the Main Street of St Petersburg, planned by Peter the Great as the road to Novgorod and Moscow. 

Especially stand out today the luminous decorations of the House of books and the Tower of the Duma both located on Nevsky Prospect. Near the Kazan Cathedral and the Palace Square the Christmas trees are in full regalia. All these sights are available during a standard city tour in St Petersburg. The festive lights will delight the townspeople until mid-January. Tour guide in St Petersburg

Most Christmas decorations will be disconnected from the power supply on 15 Jan 2018.

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