St Petersburg private tours

St Petersburg private tours - your individual tours in St. Petersburg.

· Your acquaintance with St. Petersburg starts here –

· We have everything you need for your cognitive rest:

1. Informative excursions;

2. St Petersburg travel guide;

3. Tailor made programs for your stay in St. Petersburg: tours, museums, theaters, restaurants.

· We offer St Petersburg private tours. This means that on the tour there will be only you, your St Petersburg guide and the driver. No other people.St Petersburg private tours

· We conduct tours in the following languages:

o English;

o Italian;

o German;

o Russian.

· We offer not just tours in St. Petersburg, but a really exciting family vacation.

City tour Saint-Petersburg

· Give your friends and family the whole brilliance of the classical St Petersburg during your City tour Saint-Petersburg

· We organize a car, a minivan or a bus with St Petersburg guide to your hotel. You're going to admire the genius of St Petersburg city planners. St Petersburg guide will tell you what St Petersburg is famous for and will show you all the sights, which are so popular among tourists on St Petersburg private tours.

Peterhof tour

· A good excursion to Peterhof makes people happy.

· The best way to get to Peterhof is by hydrofoil; the fast hydrofoil will fly you in half an hour from the center of the imperial capital to the capital of fountains. You will see the Grand Cascade from the perspective that Peter I had thought it for foreign ambassadors and noblemen.

· You will admire the splendor of Peterhof; St Petersburg guide will treat you to the most interesting stories from the life of the residence and its owners. Peterhof tour is for fine gourmet.

Tzar’s Village Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin)

· When on St Petersburg private tours don’t miss the chance of visiting the Amber Room.

· We will talk about the difficult fate of the Amber Room. Moreover, you will know everything about the brilliant era of the Great Empress – Catherine II.

· Treat yourself to a wonderful walk through the park, getting acquainted with the Catherine Palace. After the tour, St Petersburg guide will recommend you a couple of lovely restaurants.

Boat tours St PetersburgSt Petersburg private tours

· Boat tours St Petersburg along the rivers and canals is actually a sort of the city tour Saint-Petersburg excursion. The main feature of St Petersburg is that its most important buildings overlook water and on the boat tours St Petersburg you'll see them all. St Petersburg is often called Venice of the North - the whole city is covered by rivers and canals– so, boat tours St Petersburg will give you an incredible feeling and a festive mood. We will provide you with a fast and convenient boat.

Hermitage museum tour

· Have you always wanted to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna Benois, Canova’s Three Graces, Raphael’s Madonna Conestabile firsthand?

· Your unforgettable tour of the Hermitage museum begins with The most famous museum in Russia, one of the largest museums in the world, the world's largest collection of paintings – this is the Hermitage museum during your Hermitage museum tour with

· The Excursion to the Hermitage will be the highlight of your stay – with St Petersburg travel guide from – a true erudite and connoisseur of beauty. Exciting stories about the masterpieces of the Hermitage and about the life of the royal family are waiting for you.