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Tours in St. Petersburg

I have been organizing tours and excursions in St Petersburg since the year 2000 and I guarantee you the most interesting and informative tours. It should be noted that guided tours in St Petersbug are offered in a variety of formats:
• Group tours. In this case, you're traveling around the city as part of a collective group;
• Individual tours. In this case, you will set on a journey through the city by yourself, with friends or family and your personal guide.
Please consider that I propose several options for organizing such tours. You can walk on foot in St Petersburg or use the services of the corresponding transport (tour bus, boat). The cost of the tour in St. Petersburg will depend on the following factors: tour's format (group or individual); way of travel (on foot or by car, by bus); duration of the tour.
In addition, I suggest you not only to see the famous sights of St Petersburg city center, but also to visit the outskirts of the cultural capital. The capital of fountains - Peterhof, a luxurious Oranienbaum, a romantic Pavlovsk, an elegant Tsarskoye Selo, a mysterious Gatchina - such tours will be no less exciting and informative for you.

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