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Visiting St Petersburg

The Monument to Peter the Great
In St. Petersburg there are a lot of monuments to the city's founder, the great reformer and the first Russian Emperor Peter I. But the monument created by the sculptor Mikhail Shemyakin near the Peter and Paul Fortress enjoys a special veneration among the fans of mysticism. It is believed that it is able to fulfill desires, and if hold the statue's left arm it can help you find true love, and wealth seekers should touch Peter's right hand or the knee of the bronze Peter.
The tree of Love
Previously, the mystical "Tree of Love" stood in the Summer Garden, but later it was moved to the square near the Peter and Paul Fortress, and now it is located next door to the equally mysterious circle of 12 chairs. The fantastic tree crown, forged from metal, repletes with complex esoteric symbols in which everyone can find their own nuances and shades of meaning.
The Museum "Time Street"
The Museum "Time Street" is located in the Engineering House of the fortress. Here you can take a fascinating journey through time, visiting St Petersburg 's port of the XVIII century, the office of the XIX century, a sewing workshop of the early XX century and even a room in a postwar communal apartment. Rare vintage exhibits illustrate the history of the city from the time of Peter to the present. The museum offers tours for school children and themed interactive educational programs.
So, when visiting St Petersburg during your city tour St Petersburg, don't miss out on these unusual sights of St Petersburg.

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