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May 25-26. This is the time when the bright evening twilight already merges with the morning. These days the sun goes down below the horizon for not more than 9 degrees, therefore there is no complete darkness. By June 21-22, the duration of the day reaches 18 hours, 53 minutes, the brightest time comes. After the three days of solstice the length of the day begins to decline, the end of the White Nights St Petersburg falls on 16-17 July.

We are pleased to offer:

1. Night walking tours

2. Bus tours at night

3. Night boat tours in St. Petersburg

For more information on pricing and routes email your guide in St Petersburg m.lomaeva@gmail.com. When preparing your tours in St Petersburgyour wishes will be taken into account, thus, they should be communicated in advance. The Bridges over the Neva open at night, as the river is a part of the Volga-Baltic Waterway, remember this when planning your night tour in St Petersburg.

White Nights St PetersburgDuring the White Nights St. Petersburg there are numerous holidays and festivals. The brightest of them is the Graduates’ Day – the "Scarlet Sails". The tradition of celebrating the "Scarlet Sails" in St. Petersburg was restored in 2005. Over the years St. Petersburg "Scarlet Sails" have became not only a favorite holiday of the citizens, but also a unique event of an international level, a hallmark of St. Petersburg on the world stage. The structure of the festival: concerts on the Palace Square and the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island and a multimedia show on the Neva River. The audience of the festival each year varies from 2 to 3 million people, a number unprecedented for any European event.

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